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“Be just and justify your actions
Breathe Deep and walk up right
Lead and never follow
Love the people, be other people
Humble yourself and pray
History remembers Kings”

Big K.R.I.T. - Multi Til The Sun Die (via datboyq)

“Today is the day I get out on my feet
Remove them chains, they shackled on me
Press my luck, stop fucking with them hoes that cluck
Cause the same motherfuckers the ones that got me stuck
Tryna use me up ’til my tank on E
Then leave me stranded, scrambling in these streets
For a dollar a day until my pockets is straight
Soon as you move out the hood them niggas hollering you fake
Make ‘em swallow the bass from the Kicker
I’d rather be a dead man than a nigga
I’d rather roll chrome rims than a swisha
I gotta make moves, I can’t hang with ya
That used to be the fly shit back in ’95
But now I want a crib and a car I can drive
And ain’t nobody out there help me cause I’m grown
Gotta leave them childish games alone
Nigga I’m on”

Big K.R.I.T - I’m On 2.0 (via marzncharge)

(via marzncharge)

The Reason Why I FUCK With Big K.R.I.T....→


The fact to remain is, this guy is humble through all the bullshit people try to throw at em for real. People say his music is boring, people say he not flashy, he not commerical…that’s the problem with “Hip-Hop” listeners nowadays…they rather for you to talk about shit they can’t obtain, hoes,…

"Slaves: give them freedom, but give them dope, take away leaders kuz that gives them hope. Sell them dreams of change & things like they were never kings & queens before…AS SMALL AS A GIANT."


- Big K.R.I.T. 


another quote From one of my Top 10 Rapper #3 Big K.R.I.T’s song Rich Dad , Poor Dad i love this song make me think about my dad and all the wise dads(sensis) out there 

“Lately I’ve been feeling like fuck it,
Heaven in my face but lord knows I can’t touch it”

Big K.R.I.T - Voices (via frenchtick)

“What a difference a day makes
What about all the effort that a day takes?
The winding road of my uncertainty
That undying feeling of urgency
Did I do all that I could do to ensure my success?
Did I really give my all, and am I really at my best

Big KRIT (via mancillamymiguel)

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